Transdisciplinary Collaboration to Improve Public Health

Our food comes from a complex juncture of social and biophysical factors and processes through the food supply chain. We research drivers of the food system such as culture, economics, policy, marketing, and interventions.

Hands-On Global Study

Global nutrition is a comprehensive look at nutritional status and determinants across various populations worldwide. Our students and faculty work to improve food access and quality around the world, helping to provide better food for the underserved.

Discover the Science of Food and Its Link to Public Health

Food science is the application of scientific methods and principles to food. We research the impact of food processing on nutrient content of our modern food supply to improve food quality and nutritional recommendations.

Practical Learning Experiences with a Focus on Public Health

Our research focuses on the application of food and nutrition knowledge, research, and policy to promote health and prevent disease for population groups.

Discover How Metabolism and Energy Balance Impact Health

Metabolism is the process your body uses to convert food and beverages into energy. Energy balance is the relationship between calories consumed and calories used for our daily needs. We research how these factors affect body weight and composition.

State-of-the-Art Facilities, World-Class Education

Our research includes the physiological and biological aspects of food and nutrients. This encompasses metabolism, health, performance and disease resistance in humans and animals, as well as human behaviors related to food choices.


Nutrition and Food Studies - Make a gift

Students in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies engage in transdisciplinary research and gain practical experience that improves public health.

The Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

The Department of Nutrition and Food Studies prepares students to address public health issues involving nutrition and food access and is the only program of its kind in northern Virginia. Our undergraduate and graduate programs train students to engage in nutrition and food-related planning, practice, and research. Our students combine the science of nutrition with the culture of food to impact society and influence behavior changes that improve public health and people’s access to quality food sources.

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