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Masters Degrees

Nutrition, MS

The master of science in nutrition program emphasizes a skill set tailored to expanding nutrition-related needs. Students learn to assess, evaluate, and intervene in the most current and relevant nutrition issues. The curriculum prepares graduates to work for agencies, businesses, and organizations that seek to improve nutrition at the local, national, and global level. This program also prepares students to engage in further study for research careers in nutrition.

Graduate Certificates

Food Security, Graduate Certificate

Food security and food safety are issues of growing concern by government agencies, multilateral organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Despite many longstanding efforts, it is estimated that up to one billion people across the globe are hungry and food insecure in both developing and industrialized countries, including the United States.

Nutrition, Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in nutrition prepares students to apply nutrition principles and the latest scientific evidence and methods of nutrition to health practice and research among different populations. The program emphasizes understanding the role of nutrition in population health and well-being and the development of skills required in the practice, analysis, and interpretation of nutrition-related information and data among individuals and populations.