Dr. Denise Hines Featured in Boston Globe Article on Female Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence

Dr. Denise Hines

Dr. Denise Hines was recently featured in the Boston Globe article BC suicide case puts focus on controversial issue: Intimate partner abuse by women, by Deanna Pan.  Learn more about Dr. Hines and her research.

From the article:

“I think one of the biggest [misconceptions about domestic violence] is that it doesn’t happen to men,” said Denise Hines, an associate professor of social work at George Mason University, who has conducted multiple studies about male victims of domestic violence at the hands of their female partners. “A lot of people assume it’s men who are in relationships with other men and that’s the context in which it happens,” she said. “They think men are big and strong enough to stand up for themselves, and so of course, this can’t happen to him.”