Global Nutrition

What is global nutrition?

Global nutrition can be defined as a comprehensive look at nutritional status and determinants across various populations worldwide. While undernutrition is predominant in low-income nations, overnutrition is more common in high-income countries and populations. In global nutrition, we acknowledge that multiple factors influence nutritional status.

Past and current research projects involving global nutrition:

  • Acceptance of fish-enhanced and soy-enhanced supplemental snacks among pregnant women in rural Kenya
  • Validating the use of natural spice antioxidants to preserve omega-3 content and prevent off-flavors in a fish product
  • “We now make our own money and decisions:” gender norms and food security in the Wakiso District of Uganda
  • Breastfeeding knowledge, attitude, and practices among mothers and community health workers in rural Kenya
  • Increasing animal foods in diets of HIV-infected Kenyan women and their children
Group of children hold red cups.