Faculty Expertise

The research of our faculty is focused on the development of successful community nutrition interventions addressing obesity and chronic disease, nutrition assessment, nutritional adequacy, food justice and insecurity, and the development of nutrition- and food-related programs and policies.

Global Nutrition

Constance Gewa

  • Nutritional status and the role of nutrition in health outcomes among women and children in Africa, dietary assessment methodsĀ 

Metabolism and Energy Balance

Lilian de Jonge

  • Adaptation of energy and substrate metabolism to changes in diet composition
  • Role of circadian rhythm on body weight and energy balance

Nutritional Sciences

Lilian de Jonge

  • Effects of specific dietary components on energy metabolism and body composition

Public Health Nutrition

Constance Gewa

  • Food based strategies (animal-source-foods) to improve nutrition and health in resource-poor areasĀ 

Food Systems

Kerri Lacharite

  • Sustainable food systems, impact of agriculture-based learning on eating and sustainability behaviors
  • Urban agriculture, particularly focused on local food policy and agriculture zoning on food security